Space programs, environmental programs, electrical engineering, cybersecurity, natural science, mathematics, information technology — the School of Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) provides learning in a wide variety of disciplines. Our faculty consists of expert practitioners from the field, so our students don’t just get armchair treatment. In every STEM program, we prepare students for careers applicable to that program. You will receive practical, usable foundational materials that will help you build the groundwork to establish yourself in the workforce.

School Leadership


Dr. Ahmed Naumaan

Associate Dean

Dr. Daniel Welsch

Program Directors

Cybersecurity - Dr. Kevin Harris

Electrical Engineering – Dr. Colin Doyle

Environmental Science – TBA

Information Technology  - Dr. Novadean Watson-Stone

Information Technology Management, Information Systems Security - Dr. Kevin Harris

Mathematics & Data Science - Dr. Marvine Hamner

Natural Sciences - TBA

Space Studies – Dr. Edward Albin

Faculty Directors

Dr. Colin Doyle

Dr. Daniela Messina

Dr. Elizabeth Pearsall

Dr. Jackie Galvan

Dr.Shelia Carter

Dr. Sylvia Nemmers