The graduate certificate in Environmental Hazard Mitigation and Restoration is a unique blend of the disciplines of emergency and disaster management and environmental science and restoration. This online program introduces you to response and recovery functions, and restoration of damaged lands or habitat. You’ll also learn principles of ecological restoration in the post-disaster environment, and how to assess and navigate the complex relationships between societies and their use of natural resources. This online certificate is intended for graduate students who want to expand their knowledge of environmental hazard mitigation and restoration without committing to a degree program.

Certificate Objectives

Upon successful completion of this certificate, the student will be able to:

  • Define the principles of ecological restoration and hazard mitigation.
  • Analyze the complex and dynamic interactions between humans and their environment.
  • Explain the role of government policy at municipal, regional, national, and global levels to achieve sustainable natural disaster response and environmental mitigation.
  • Apply theoretical concepts of emergency and disaster management planning to complex environmental problems and issues.
  • Apply principles of ecological restoration in the post-disaster environment.
  • Critically analyze complex and often-competing social, environmental, and economic interests in developing hazard mitigation and restoration plans.

Certificate Requirements (18 semester hours)

EDMG502Emergency and Disaster Theory3
EDMG515Hazard Mitigation and Resilient Communities3
EVSP506Restoration Ecology3
Select 3 courses from the following:9
Emergency and Disaster Planning and Management
Environmental Risk Assessment
Environmental Toxicology
Global Environmental Change
Total Semester Hours18