APUS professors use examinations as one method of evaluating student performance during a course. Examinations may be proctored or unproctored, and professors can set any exam so that a proctor is required. Proctors are individuals who ensure the integrity of the examination process by monitoring student work during the exam and verifying that the student complied with exam instructions regarding the use of outside materials, doing their own work, etc. If a proctor is required, the student must locate a suitable proctor who will be able to give the student access to a computer for 3-4 hours and who has an email address. Proctors must meet certain qualifications, as described in the Student Handbook section covering the Online Examination Process.

Prior to exam day, the professor will email a password to your proctor. On the day of your exam, your proctor will provide the password and monitor you as you take your final exam online.