The School of Arts, Humanities, and Education teaches foundational skills needed in the professional world. These skills include collaboration, critical thinking, problem-solving, and written and oral communication. Our General Education courses provide a broad-based education in literature, languages, and social sciences. Degree programs prepare students for a wide variety of careers and enhance careers for those who wish to stay in their current jobs. Undergraduate programs include English, Sociology, Psychology, and Communications; Masters’ Programs provide deeper, more specialized knowledge in several fields, including Psychology, Sociology, and History.

School Leadership


Dr. Grace Glass

Program Directors

Art, Communication, World Languages, Music, Philosophy, Religion - Dr. Bjorn Mercer

Educational Leadership – Dr. Jan Spencer  (Interim)

English, Humanities, and Literature – Dr. Jaclyn Fowler 

History – Dr. Richard Hines

Human Development and Family Studies – Kathleen Mangeri (Interim)

Psychology – Dr. Rachel Cain

School Counseling – Dr. Jan Spencer  (Interim)

Sociology – Dr. Jennifer Cramer

Student Affairs – Dr. Jan Spencer  (Interim)

Teaching – Dr. Kathleen Tate (Interim)

Faculty Directors

Dr. Bethanie Hansen

Dr. Tonia Parker

Dr. Jeffrey Stone