Programs in the School of Education are designed to meet the most rapidly growing demands of the profession. We provide opportunities for practicing teachers to enhance their professional training in critical needs areas such as special education, reading and literacy, TESOL, gifted education, and online learning. Additionally, we offer undergraduate programs in pre-K child development, and family and adolescence studies. Additional courses in instructional design for adult learners round out our offerings. We are committed to providing measurable, empirical, standards-based education of a high quality. Our goal is for our graduates to demonstrate the skills, behaviors, and dispositions of digital-age professionals, while adhering to proven instructional strategies and best practices.

School Leadership


Dr. Conrad Lotze

Program Directors

Educational Leadership – - Dr. Jan Spencer  (Interim)

Human Development and Family Studies – Kathleen Mangeri

School Counseling – Dr. Kimberlee Ratliff

Teaching – Dr. Kathleen Tate

Faculty Directors

Dr. Jan Spencer