The Graduate Studies and Research team focuses on providing excellent master’s and doctoral programs at APUS. We partner with graduate programs throughout the university to increase student success, develop innovative curriculum, and enhance resources for students and faculty. Our aim is to ensure that programs exemplify academic rigor at the graduate level and help students develop the research, thinking, and communication skills to contribute to their field and advance their careers.



Dr. Jennifer Douglas


Director of Doctoral Programs - Dr. Lori Woeste

Director of Doctoral and Faculty Research and Experiential Learning - Dr. Jose Rodriguez


Senior Project Coordinator - Ms. Alexandra Huston

Senior Administrative Assistant - Ms. Veronica Naranjo

At APUS, graduate culture is defined as a community of emerging scholars and practitioners who share a commitment to research and scholarly integrity, a passion for the production of new knowledge, and expertise in the application of that knowledge in innovative, interdisciplinary contexts. The Graduate Studies and Research team supports master’s and doctoral programs across the institution in several key ways:

  • Shaping the strategic direction of graduate education at APUS
  • Guiding new program development at the graduate level
  • Creating consistent policies across graduate programs
  • Offering research resources for faculty and graduate students
  • Leading the Institutional Review Board for human subjects research
  • Providing professional development opportunities for graduate students
  • Developing strategies and programs to promote student success

Providing resources for faculty and student research is a priority for our institution. The Graduate Studies and Research team supports research initiatives across the university:

  • APUS awards $100,000 in faculty research grants on an annual basis through a peer-review process.

  • Our team sponsors the 3 Minute Thesis competition annually for master’s students and offers webinars on preparing for the graduate capstone requirements.

  • Our team provides research support through the Institutional Review Board for approving human subjects research.

  • APUS partners with the Policy Studies Organization to co-sponsor conferences and two peer-reviewed journals edited by APUS faculty, The Internet Learning Journal and The Journal of Global Security and Strategic Intelligence.