Master's & Graduate Certificate Admissions Criteria

  • You are required to possess a bachelor’s degree or higher from a regionally or nationally accredited institution or the international equivalent.

  • Please be prepared to submit a legible color copy of your valid government-issued photo ID (civilian students) or government issued JST or CCAF transcript (military students) upon request.

  • You may be required to fulfill additional admission requirements based on the program you select during the admission application.

Admission Status

You will be admitted to the University after you have submitted the online application for admission, verified that you possess a bachelor's degree or higher, and that you meet any additional admission requirements per your intended program. After you are accepted to the University, there are often documents that will need to become part of your student record. An admissions representative is available to walk you through all the follow-up steps and discuss any documentation you will need to submit to get started.