The Master of Science in Health Information Management (HIM) is designed to provide practicing healthcare professionals with the requisite knowledge and skills to enhance their careers. With a focus on healthcare data analytics and informatics, this online master’s degree utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach to its curriculum emphasizing health data management, clinical and administrative decision-making, strategic planning, and outcomes management. In addition, you will continue to build upon your leadership, critical thinking, written and verbal communication, and problem solving skills. The program is designed to prepare you to manage health information systems and people, as well as employ appropriate change management strategies within an organization.

Note: Some courses in the program require you to install software for virtual online lab accessibility.

This program has specific admission requirements.

Degree Program Objectives

In addition to the institutional and degree level learning objectives, graduates of this program are expected to achieve these learning outcomes:

  • Assess organizational compliance with state and federal governmental regulations, accreditation, licensure and certification requirements.
  • Construct accurate quantitative evaluations related to health care statistics, financial management, and accounting standards and best practices.
  • Evaluate legal and ethical concerns related to confidentiality, security, and privacy issues in the management of health information in a the digital world.
  • Implement supervisory and management skills across business functions.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of specialized medical language, classification systems, and reimbursement methodology common in the field of health information management.
  • Synthesize material on health information management from multiple competing sources.
  • Summarize the significance of being a health information administrator in terms of challenges, trends, and developments in a social context.
  • Identify significant public policy issues in health information management.

Degree at a Glance

Core Requirements37
Elective Requirements0
Final Program Requirements3
Total Semester Hours40

Degree Program Requirements

Core Requirements (37 semester hours)

HIMA501Technology Applications in Health Information Management 13
HIMA503Healthcare Vocabulary and Clinical Terminologies3
HIMA505Research Methods in Health Information Management3
INFO531Management Information Systems3
HIMA550Clinical Workflow and Process Redesign3
HIMA600Financial Management for Health Professionals3
BUSN601Global Management Perspective3
HIMA605Legal Issues in Health Information Management3
ISSC680Information Security Management3
HIMA610HealthCare Data Analytics with Lab4
HIMA620Corporate Compliance in the Healthcare Industry3
Total Semester Hours37

Elective Requirements (0 semester hours)

There are no elective requirements for this degree.

Final Program Requirements (3 semester hours)

HIMA699Capstone in Health Information Management 13
Total Semester Hours3