The Master of Science in Accounting provides you with the theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and research competencies required to address complex accounting issues found in private corporations, governmental entities, public accounting, and not-for-profit organizations. This program extends the knowledge gained in an undergraduate accounting program to enhance your skills in written communication, research, and complex problem solving. No matter your passion, an accounting degree can help you mix that passion into your profession.

This program has been designed in consultation with industry business leaders, is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), and has earned additional ACBSP Specialized Accounting Accreditation.

This program has specific admission requirements.

Degree Program Objectives

  • Research and appraise historic, current, and developing authoritative standards in accounting and apply them appropriately to complex financial transactions.
  • Utilize Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) to produce and interpret financial statements for various types of organizations.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the ethical framework for accountants adopted by professional accounting organizations, such as the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA).
  • Analyze, evaluate, and organize financial data to facilitate managerial decision making.
  • Conduct an in-depth analysis of an organization's financial information and provide a written assessment of the results.

Degree at a Glance

Institutional Requirements9
Core Requirements12
Major Requirements12
Elective Requirements0
Final Program Requirements3
Total Semester Hours36

Degree Program Requirements

Institutional Requirements (9 semester hours)

BUSN601Global Management Perspective3
BUSN602Managerial Analysis3
BUSN603Quantitative Analysis3
Total Semester Hours9

Students are required to take BUSN601 as the first course and then should take BUSN602 and BUSN603 as the first three Core Requirements.

Core Requirements (12 semester hours)

ACCT610Advanced Accounting (Prerequisite: ACCT608 - Financial Reporting & Analysis)3
ACCT695Accounting Theory and Concepts3
ACCT608Financial Reporting & Analysis3
ACCT615Individual Tax Research and Planning (ACCT610 Advanced Accounting)3
Total Semester Hours12

Major Requirements (12 semester hours)

Select 4 courses from the following:12
International Accounting (ACCT610 Advanced Accounting )
Advanced Cost Accounting
Advanced Auditing Topics
Advanced Federal Taxation (Prerequisite: ACCT615 - Individual Tax Research and Planning)
Forensic Accounting (Prerequisite: ACCT610 - Advanced Accounting)
Total Semester Hours12

Elective Requirements (0 semester hours)

Students with bachelor’s degrees that are not from an ACBSP or AACSB accredited institution will be required to complete the Institutional Requirements and will have 0 elective semester hours. Students who hold a bachelor’s degree from an ACBSP or AACSB accredited institution can request a waiver of the Institutional Requirements and will have 9 elective semester hours instead.

Final Program Requirements (3 semester hours)

ACCT699Financial Accounting Theory Capstone 13
Total Semester Hours3

 Taken once all other requirements have been met.