MKTG600 Marketing Management (3 semester hours)

This course is designed to illustrate development, implementation, and reformulation of business strategy, with both domestic and international implications. Emphasis is placed on the need for, awareness of, and accommodation to changes in an organization's internal and external environments. Generic types of business strategies and techniques for analyzing strategies are also covered.

MKTG601 Strategic Internet Marketing (3 semester hours)

This course investigates today’s global environment of electronic commerce and that influence on today’s business enterprises. The learning’s in Strategic E-Commerce Marketing spotlight E-Commerce opportunities, issues, options and techniques necessary to create an appropriate ECommerce marketing plan for an enterprise. The course also provides the students with the real world experience of developing a pseudo working website in coincidence and in support of the Marketing plan. Other issues examined include channel structures given an electronic environment and the impact on supply chain management, e-tools, and ECommerce marketing as viewed through the traditional marketing mix. Critical evaluations of web sites, web tools, promotions, advertising, selling and communications are also explored.

MKTG602 Global Marketing Strategy (3 semester hours)

This course is a study of the elements involved in such key global marketing functions as product, price, place and promotional activities. Students will evaluate global marketing opportunities, develop strategy, and simulate implementation of it as it relates to total organizational strategy.