ITCC500 Research Methods in Information Systems and Technology (3 semester hours)

This course focuses on the research methods, tools, instruments, and devices used in Information Sciences and Information Technology; it appraises the logic of the scientific method, research design, qualitative and quantitative analysis of data for the purpose of conducting and reporting basic research in a scholarly and academic setting. Through concentration-based case studies, it investigates current trends, legal and ethical issues, global and societal impact, policies, and applications in the fields of information technology, information security, cyberlaw, digital forensics, and media management. This course evaluates methods to collect, classify, categorize, evaluate, assess, and report research data, to formulate valid research questions, and to derive logical conclusions. The principles, practices, tools, and methodologies presented in this course are applicable throughout the program of graduate studies.

ITCC697 Creative Project Capstone (3 semester hours)

The Information Technology Creative Project Capstone course gives students the opportunity to address real-world issues relevant to their profession, plan and execute a project, contribute to their discipline while developing mastery of selected skills. Creative projects may originate from a wide variety of options such as standard operating procedures, training program manual, organizational change proposals, software and hardware design or development, or other information technology solutions. NOTE: This course may not be taken until all other courses are COMPLETED and student has a 3.0 GPA. THIS COURSE IS 16 WEEKS.

ITCC698 Information Technology Capstone (3 semester hours)

Capstone course of studies completed toward the graduate degree in Information Technology. The student will complete a research thesis that demonstrates mastery and application of advanced research and analytic skills related to the learning outcomes of this degree program. NOTE: This course may not be taken until all other courses are COMPLETED and student has a 3.0 GPA.THIS COURSE IS 16 WEEKS.