HDFS501 Advanced Child Life Theory and Practice (3 semester hours)

Advanced Child Life Theory and Practice provides students with the knowledge and tools to educate, prepare and support children and their families who are experiencing acute or chronic illness or trauma. This course covers scope of practice, impact of illness, family centered care, therapeutic play, preparation and official documents of the Association of Child Life Professionals. Note: This course is taught by a Certified Child life specialist and meets one of the academic requirements of the Association of Child Life Professionals (ACLP®) to become a Certified Child Life Specialist.ACLP® is a registered trademark of Child Life Council, Inc.

HDFS502 Therapeutic Play (3 semester hours)

This course will cover the history, theories, techniques, applications, and skills as they relate to therapeutic play. Students will develop therapeutic strategies for meeting children’s emotional needs and helping them to cope during times of acute and chronic illness, bereavement, and trauma. (Prerequisite: HDFS501)

HDFS503 Death, Dying and Grief - A Child’s Perspective (3 semester hours)

This course explores issues around death and dying and the impact on children to include the theoretical and multicultural perspectives as well as ethical and moral issues. Students will also examine the impact of death and dying on a family and community. Students will engage with tools such as legacy building and memento creation, identify and utilize resources that promote positive coping skills, and identify strategies for helping children to cope with terminal illness and impending death. (Prerequisite: HDFS501)

HDFS540 Family Systems (3 semester hours)

This course will examine the ecological or systems approach to understanding families as well as a review of historical and contemporary family theories. The course will include a look at family structure, family dynamics, family relationships, and family roles particularly as they are impacted by a wide range of stressors that necessitate intervention strategies. The nature of families will be explored across cultures and diverse family composition.

HDFS596 Child Life Practicum Experience (3 semester hours)

This course supports students who are completing a clinical practicum in child life as part of their graduate program in Psychology. This experience will expose students to relevant clinical practices in child life. Students will complete their practicum experience while participating in weekly online discussions throughout the course. Students will be expected to complete a work journal, keep accurate time records, and evaluate their practicum experience. The course will integrate the competencies as outlined by the profession throughout the course. (Prerequisite: HDFS401 or HDFS501)Note: Students are required to secure their own practicum experience. The University does not assist in placement.