The graduate certificate in Strategic Leadership looks at international contexts that shape the behavior of states and non-state actors, as well as the formulation of strategic developments and geopolitical concerns influencing military planning and execution. In this online program, you will explore the defense policies of nations dealing with Europe and Asia after the fall of the Soviet state. In addition, strategic leadership is examined in light of technological changes in the information age. Knowledge gained in this certificate is useful for leadership positions both within and outside of military organizations. This online certificate is intended for graduate students who want to expand their knowledge of strategic leadership without committing to a degree program.

Certificate Objectives

Upon successful completion of this certificate, the student will be able to:

  • Discern and assess the domestic and international contexts that shape the behavior of state and non-state actors and affect the formulation of national security policies.
  • Explain the history of strategic developments and geopolitical concerns that influence military planning and execution from the mid-20th century through the modern era.
  • Compare and contrast the defense policies of nations in Europe and Asia that have had to deal with enormous changes following the Eastern Bloc's collapse.
  • Compose an analysis of the characteristics of leadership common to great military leaders and appraise the decision-making skills that are inbred and/or learned by the great leaders.
  • Assess the conventional and unconventional joint warfare of the future in light of technological change and the information age, non-state military threats, rogue regimes, and clashes of culture between regions.

Concentration Requirements (18 semester hours)

IRLS600Strategic Geography and Geopolitics3
MILS510Strategic Military Leadership3
MILS512Great Military Leaders3
MILS514The Making of Strategy3
MILS620Studies in Future War3
NSEC610National Security and Globalization3
Total Semester Hours18