The graduate certificate in Leadership and Logistics is a concentrated program designed to provide students with a solid foundation with regard to leaders, the leadership process, and motivation as they explore the basic principles of business logistics. Knowledge gained from this graduate program could be adapted for employers in many fields such as military service, nonprofits, or corporations. This online certificate in is intended for graduate students who wish to further their knowledge of leadership and logistics without committing to a degree program.

Certificate Objectives

Upon successful completion of this certificate, the student will be able to:

  • Define and compare the different concepts relating to supply chain management, logistics, and transportation and its usage in industry today.
  • Conduct analysis of the different leadership styles in business today, with a focus on the logistics business in the public and private sector.
  • Compare and contrast different leadership traits and strategies at all levels of a logistics and supply chain organization in the public and private sector.
  • Demonstrate how to determine the necessary assessment techniques to quantify successful supply chain management.
  • Analyze and explain different methods for establishing and reaching personal and professional goals.
  • Define and demonstrate how to resolve management controversies, problems, and conflicts.
  • Analyze different modes and models of management interactions and impacts as compared to public and private logistics organizations.
  • Define and discuss the various facets and concepts in business logistics today.
  • Evaluate possible solutions to issues from various business logistics problems, situations, and controversies.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of how to evaluate the economic and international situations will influence management’s assessment of logistics.
  • Define how to leverage Internet and e-business capabilities for conducting logistics business in today’s global marketplace.

Certificate Requirements (18 semester hours)

MGMT600Organizational Management3
MGMT615Strategic Planning3
TLMT600National Transportation Management3
TLMT603Strategic Intermodal Transportation3
TLMT611Global Logistics Management3
Total Semester Hours18