American Public University System (APUS) offers academic programs leading to degrees and certificates in a number of fields for which professional practice requires licensure or certification by state, local, or professional boards. In addition, employers consider a range of factors when determining whether a candidate is eligible for a job, including, among other things, work experience, results of criminal background checks and military discharge information.                                                                          

APUS makes no representation or guarantee that successful completion of a degree or certificate program at APUS will enable a student to obtain professional licensure or certification or particular employment.

Students and former students are solely responsible for determining and complying with state, local, or professional licensure and certification requirements and with other employment requirements. Prior to enrolling in any program, you are strongly encouraged to research carefully all licensure, certification and employment requirements related to their desired fields of study.                                                                          

To assist our students and alumni in their career search and in pursuing their career goals, the APUS Office of Career Services provides a variety of tools, resources, guidance, and information. For more information on career services, visit AMU Career Services or APU Career Services.                                                                          

Recent AMU or APU graduates should be aware that it is APUS policy not to hire alumni until they have demonstrated significant classroom experience outside of our own university system. A period of two to five years of outside experience is required. This policy ensures that the body of faculty at APUS maintains a variety of perspectives and brings fresh ideas to our organization.