The undergraduate NanoCert® in Terrorism is a three-course program involving the study of terrorism and counterterrorism, terrorism and U.S. national security, and the forecasting of terrorism.        

NanoCert Objectives

After successfully completing this NanoCert, the student will be able to:

  • Interpret a broad history of terrorism and counterterrorism practices.  
  • Analyze the current issues affecting U.S. counterterrorism and the different approaches to counter terrorism from diplomatic, intelligence, military, law enforcement, economic/financial, and informational standpoints.
  • Compare objectives, patterns, and actors of terrorism before and after 2001.
  • Evaluate the character and influence of terrorist groups, their goals, structure, logistics, and operations. 
  • Describe trends in the use of weapons of mass destruction by terrorists.
  • Apply a terrorist forecasting methodology to a hypothetical attack scenario.

NanoCert Requirements (9 semester hours)

INTL450Terrorism and Counterterrorism3
INTL451Terrorism and U.S. National Security3
INTL454Forecasting Terrorism3
Total Semester Hours9