The University’s Security Management NanoCert® programs provide a broad understanding of major security threats affecting government, public, and private organizations and entities.

This undergraduate NanoCert may be of interest to those who wish to pursue a future undergraduate degree. This online program’s coursework explores:

  • School and campus security
  • Security administration
  • Security vulnerabilities
  • Physical security

This NanoCert also examines planning and decision-making, budgeting and scheduling, and Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED).

The University’s security management NanoCerts provide government and security professionals and those in the military with an opportunity to advance their knowledge of measures to protect public and private safety.

NOTE: Completion of this program does not award any professional certifications but can be applied toward undergraduate coursework ultimately leading to a bachelor’s degree.

NanoCert Objectives

After successfully completing this NanoCert, the student will be able to:

  • Identify requirements of administering an effective security organization.
  • Recognize specific traits, warning signs, responses, and dangers of specific strains of campus violence.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the influence of physical design, risk assessment and management, designing security with architects, and security analysis.

NanoCert Requirements (9 semester hours)

SCMT379School and Campus Security3
SCMT390Security Administration3
SCMT397Physical Security3
Total Semester Hours9