The undergraduate NanoCert® in Counterintelligence is a three-course program involving the study of counterintelligence operations and counterintelligence analysis.

NanoCert Objectives

After successfully completing this NanoCert, the student will be able to:

  • Compare and contrast applicable U.S. laws, directives, instructions, authorities and regulations that pertain to counterintelligence operations.
  • Conduct a basic elicitation and prepare a foreign travel counterintelligence threat briefing and a post-travel debrief plan.
  • Describe the role of counterintelligence analysis in the tactical military environment.
  • Assess a current and specific foreign intelligence service threat and apply counterintelligence indicator analysis methods.
  • Summarize the development of the National Counterintelligence Strategy of the United States.
  • Illustrate the role of counterintelligence support to the United States Intelligence Community.

NanoCert Requirements (9 semester hours)

INTL408Counterintelligence Operations3
INTL409Counterintelligence Analysis3
Total Semester Hours9