This minor in Sustainability Studies offers background in resource and energy sustainability, which can be incorporated into many major disciplines, highlighting the interdisciplinary nature of the application of concepts in sustainability and green technologies. You will learn about founding principles in sustainability and integrate your knowledge of social and economic concepts with resource use and energy consumption. In addition, courses in the minor offer case study examples of application of sustainability practices from local planning to global resources scales.

Minor Objectives

Upon successful completion of this minor, the student will be able to:

  • Explain the foundational principles of resource and energy sustainability
  • List current and emerging renewable energy technologies
  • Explain society’s dependence on fossil fuel and traditional energy sources
  • Explain the social and economic barriers that prevent the acceptance and use of sustainable products, goods and services
  • Apply the principles of sustainability to land use and development planning
  • Assess the impact of green infrastructure and sustainable design on global resource sustainability

Minor Requirements (18 semester hours)

EVSP312Introduction to Sustainability3
EVSP320Energy and Resource Sustainability3
EVSP321Land Use and Planning3
EVSP322Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems3
EVSP418Green Infrastructure and Renewable Technologies3
EVSP421Water Resources Management3
Total Semester Hours18