Not open to students pursuing a major in Philosophy.

Minor Objectives

Upon successful completion of this minor, the student will be able to:

  • Reflect upon the love of wisdom, what inclines people to seek it, and to analyze what it is the philosopher does in the pursuit of truth.
  • Analyze a variety of traditional and non-traditional ethical theories.
  • Gain basic competence in the following forms of reasoning: informal logic, syllogistic logic, propositional logic, predicate logic, and inductive logic.
  • Define key trends in the development of western thought.
  • Interpret how Western philosophers and their ideas have shaped the development of political, social and economic systems.
  • Relate current Western views of the world to their underpinnings in early writings and philosophies.
  • Differentiate between the influences of ancient Judaism, Greece, Rome, and Christian thinking on Western thought.
  • Analyze the differing philosophies in terms of how they conflict or complement one another.

Minor Requirements (18 semester hours)

PHIL101Introduction to Philosophy3
PHIL302Ancient Western Philosophy3
PHIL303Medieval Philosophy3
PHIL415Enlightenment Philosophy3
PHIL416Modern & Post-Modern Philosophy3
Total Semester Hours18