Not open to students pursuing a major in Military History or History.

Minor Objectives

Upon successful completion of this minor, the student will be able to:

  • Identify a broad knowledge of literature pertaining to history.
  • Describe and locate the linkage between historical studies and allied disciplines.
  • Compare and contrast the historical experiences that go beyond a single time period and national or cultural experience.
  • Interpret historical forces that have shaped social change and contemporary human problems.
  • Analyze history from diverse perspectives of ancient and contemporary historical cultures, nations, and regions.

Minor Requirements (18 semester hours)

HIST300Research Methods in History (Required)3
Ancient and Classical History (6 semester hours)
Select 2 courses from the following:6
Ancient Greece
Ancient Rome
The Middle Ages
The Renaissance
France in the Age of Enlightenment
The British Empire
The Age of Dictators: Europe 1914-1945
American History (6 semester hours)
Select 2 courses from the following:6
Colonial America
The Early Republic, 1783-1815
Jacksonian America, 1815-1846
Antebellum America, 1846-1861
Civil War And Reconstruction, 1861-1877
The Gilded Age, 1877-1900
The United States: 1900 to Second World War
The United States: WW II to the Present
Global Cultures and History (3 semester hours)
Select 1 course from the following:3
History of Modern Europe
History of Russia
History of Africa
History of the Middle East
History of Latin America
Total Semester Hours18