SSGS300 Research Design and Methods (3 semester hours)

This course provides basic research methods skills for addressing problems and issues specific to the programs within the School of Security and Global Studies. The course covers four basic approaches to social research including experimentation, survey research, field research, and the use of available data. Students will gain foundational knowledge in research planning, design, methodology, data collection, and analysis. This course prepares students to carry out research at the undergraduate level.

SSGS490 Independent Study (3 semester hours)

This course is an opportunity for the School of Security and Global Studies student to pursue an independent research project or examine a specific area of Security and Global Studies under the mentorship of a single professor. Participation is at the discretion of the faculty member. This course will require a major research paper of approximately 25-30 pages; there will be no examination. Students will submit a proposal prior to the start of the project, an annotated bibliography, and a final paper at week 8, all of which will count toward the final grade. To be eligible for an independent study, students must be enrolled in a bachelors degree program, must have completed 24 hours at APUS toward their current degree program, and should have already contacted a professor and gained approval for the independent study topic. Once these conditions are met the student should contact their academic advisor. Once the course is open the student must complete an official online registration for the course.

SSGS495 Internship Program (3 semester hours)

Within this course, students have the opportunity to receive credit for completing an approved internship. Participating in an internship provides students with a valuable educational and professional opportunity. During the internship students explore and gain hands on experience in a field they have an interest in working within. Within the School of Security and Global Studies the primary responsibility for finding an internship belongs to the student, however there are a number of resources in place to help you in your search and application process. Students interested in completing an internship for credit may reach out to their Program Director, Academic Advising, or Career Services for additional information. In addition to completing formal internship hours, students will be required to keep a journal of their internship experiences and will complete a final paper.