MGMT102 Retail Ethics (3 semester hours)

This course is a study of the moral and ethical responsibilities of retail managers in the conduct of daily activity to include ethical challenges, regulations and behaviors while demonstrating how unethical situations can create legal risks and damage to businesses, employees and the consumer. The morality of profit-making, fair and equal treatment of employees, and the responsibility of the business firm to the society in which it exists are reviewed and discussed. Equally stressed will be the idea of the individual's responsibility within the organization. Students will receive an introduction to ethics principles in a Retail environment including the latest concepts and practices. Students will discuss issues of small and large companies, e-business, and other important issues to managers in the 21st century. Students will understanding key organizational ethical issues, maintain a functional focus and review current practices in the private, public, and military sectors.

MGMT338 Talent Management, Succession Planning and Generation Perspectives (3 semester hours)

Everyone is writing about the impending Baby Boom retirement and the issues associated with the lack of talent in the workforce. Through the study of talent identification, development and retention this course will begin to embrace a human capital strategy for the 21st century through lens of leadership development and succession planning.(Prerequisites: MGMT331 or MGMT332)