HCAD300 Legal and Ethical Principles in Healthcare (3 semester hours)

Legal and Ethical Principles in Healthcare introduces major concepts and functions of government and law applicable to healthcare throughout our global society. Theoretical health law and governing policies are investigated along with regulations of health quality. Students will analyze ethical dilemmas and utilize an ethical decision-making framework to solve complex legal and ethical problems faced by healthcare practitioners. (Prerequisite: PBHE111 and PBHE112)

HCAD301 Healthcare Principles and Policies (3 semester hours)

Healthcare administrators comply with health policy on a day-to-day basis and influence the drive for change to improve policies across the healthcare system. Principles for planning, managing, and evaluating healthcare policies and programs are examined. Students will explore modern and historical issues and determine the theoretical basis for the healthcare system to include the epidemiology for major health policy issues. Students will examine alternate opportunities to enhance healthcare systems from the perspective of health providers, community leaders, and community residents. (Prerequisite: HCAD300)

HCAD302 Healthcare Quality and Safety (3 semester hours)

Regulatory aspects of healthcare, such as licensing, accreditation, credentialing, and governance, impact the quality of healthcare programs. This course will analyze components which contribute to healthcare quality and promote a systems thinking approach to improving healthcare processes. Students will apply process improvement tools to identify healthcare challenges and create solutions to improve quality, safety, and value in healthcare organizations. Patient safety indicators are analyzed to ensure quality healthcare services implementation.

HCAD400 Strategic Planning and Marketing in Healthcare (3 semester hours)

Strategic planning theories and methodologies are essential to the quality, safety, and value of healthcare programs and organizations. Students will study strategies to evaluate and shape strengths and weaknesses within a healthcare organization along with implementation and monitoring approaches for strategic planning and implementation. The impact of marketing in the strategic planning and development process will be examined as students design promotional tools to advance and successfully market healthcare programs. (Prerequisite: HCAD301)

HCAD498 Senior Seminar in Health Sciences (3 semester hours)

The Health Sciences Senior Seminar is a cumulative project consisting of key concepts, theoretical knowledge, critical thinking, practical application, and real-world decision-making relative to the program objectives and courses completed throughout the program. Students will integrate critical analysis with healthcare disciplines and synthesize ethical standards in decision-making to achieve organizational goals. Students will discuss real-world scenarios and applications to the ever-changing healthcare industry and environment. The seminar project enables students to demonstrate skills of leadership, management, and systematic problem solving.