ESPT101 Introduction to Esports (3 semester hours)

This course provides students with an overview of the history of esports, the esports ecosystem, esports athlete culture, and other relevant topics within the industry. Students will be introduced to the interdisciplinary nature of the esports industry and how it affects stakeholders.

ESPT201 Contemporary Issues in Esports (3 semester hours)

This course provides students with an understanding of current events and important ethical issues of the modern esports industry. The course offers an understanding of contemporary issues and allows students to apply their knowledge to the current industry. Students will assess the field of esports from different perspectives, debate contemporary issues, and respectfully engage in discourse regarding controversial topics in esports.

ESPT205 The Business of Esports (3 semester hours)

This course provides a comprehensive examination of the business aspects of the esports industry. Students will examine esports concepts related, but not limited to, marketing, revenue generation, and sponsorship. The students will apply their knowledge learned in class to the current industry in order to develop practical takeaways and deliverables that can be used in professional settings. (Prerequisite: ESPT101)

ESPT210 Esports Event and Facility Management (3 semester hours)

This course will teach students how to plan, organize, and manage esports events and competitions. Concepts related to format, event size, purpose, and funding will be discussed. Students will also learn how to effectively plan and manage an esports facility. (Prerequisite: ESPT201)

ESPT310 Policy Regulations and the Esports Ecosystem (3 semester hours)

This course provides an in-depth analysis of the governance structures and policies that exist in esports at various levels of competition and in international settings. Students gain an understanding of how esports competitions are structured in order to provide a fair level of play. Ideas related to international levels of competitions and associated regulations will be discussed. (Prerequisite: ESPT201)

ESPT320 Esports Player Development (3 semester hours)

This course provides students with current knowledge and best practices to aid with effective esports athlete development. Students learn the basics of wellness, physical training, and other relevant aspects that may affect overall player performance. Additionally, students will analyze current coaching methodologies and gain a holistic understanding of the factors that affect esports player development. (Prerequisite: ESPT201)

ESPT340 Esports Media and Production (3 semester hours)

This course familiarizes students with the tools and platforms used for digital media management and production within esports. Students learn the skills necessary to create and manage content for an esports organization or event. The elements of a high-quality broadcast production will also be covered. (Prerequisite: ESPT201)

ESPT498 Externship in Esports (6 semester hours)

This course is designed to provide students with an opportunity to gain real-world experience through connections with esports organizations. Students will work with faculty to obtain a position working in the esports industry. (Prerequisites: All ESPT course courses)

ESPT499 Seminar in Esports (3 semester hours)

This senior capstone class is the final course in the degree sequence for students majoring in Esports. Students will review, assess, and then apply many of the concepts they have researched during undergraduate studies through the analysis and application of optimal solutions to the problems presented. Real-life, hands-on tools for career exploration will also be examined through lively discussions, including an investigation of the job market in esports, as well as how to properly network and prepare for a job interview. (Prerequisites: All ESPT course courses)