ANLY460 Applied Analytics I (3 semester hours)

This course is designed to provide an understanding of the basics of applied analytics based on principals starting from descriptive statistics, probability, distributions, and hypothesis testing; where sums, counts, frequencies, measures, and probabilities of collected data and occurrences, past or current, are used effectively to support reactive or corrective decisions either on real time or for the future. This course covers using Excel add-in for data analysis as a tool to create, manipulate, and report descriptive analytics outcomes for decision-making.

ANLY461 Applied Analytics II (3 semester hours)

This course further integrates applied business analytics. It continues the examination of the role of statistics and analytics techniques in the interpretation and findings of nonparametric test of hypothesis, analysis of variance ANOVA, correlation, and regression analysis. After completing this course, students are expected to understand diagnosing factors affecting a problem, variables involved, relationships among business variables, and how to generate a prediction model. (Prerequisite: ANLY460)

ANLY462 Applied Analytics III (3 semester hours)

This course covers deeper elements of applied analytics techniques used to identify sources of variation causing business problems, how to design experiments to explore interactions, as well as techniques used to model relationship of business variables as well as quality control. It additionally includes applied tools to predict the future using time series analysis and seasonal forecasting. It integrates statistical analysis and visualization with applied problems. PREREQUISITE: ANLY461.

ANLY499 Analytics Senior Seminar (6 semester hours)

This seminar is a senior level course designed to allow the student to review, analyze, and integrate the work the student has completed toward a degree in analytics. The student will complete an approved academic project or paper that demonstrates mastery of their program of study in a meaningful culmination of their learning, as well as assess their level of mastery of the stated outcomes of their degree requirements. PREREQUISITE: Students may only take this course after the completion of all CORE courses.