The undergraduate certificate in Explosive Ordnance Disposal seeks to increase your knowledge of the science, history, construction, and handling of explosive substances, as well as proper disposal techniques and incident assessments. Law enforcement agencies, the military, and government contractors need skilled, knowledgeable bomb disposal technicians and first responders to assist in protecting public safety. This online certificate is intended for undergraduate students who wish to expand their knowledge of explosive ordnance disposal without committing to a degree program.

Certificate Objectives

Upon successful completion of this certificate, the student will be able to:

  • Recognize the historical basis of the development of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal field (EOD).
  • Identify the differences between military and civilian EOD organizations.
  • Select the appropriate use of technology/approach in rendering safe operations.
  • Describe the basic electrical and electronic theory/circuitry used in triggering and controlling standard explosive devices and improvised explosives devices (IEDs).

Certificate Requirements (19 semester hours)

SCIN133Introduction to Physics with Lab4
HLSS215Regulatory Issues in Weapons of Mass Destruction3
HLSS230Chemistry of Explosives3
HLSS231History of Explosive Ordnance Disposal3
HLSS232Electronics, Electricity, and Explosives3
HLSS233Explosive Incident Assessment: Methods, Practices, Protocols3
Total Semester Hours19