The CPA Examination Preparation undergraduate certificate is meant for students that have an accounting or business degree and wish to prepare for the CPA Exam. Experience in accounting analysis and the preparation of financial reports are not only essential business skills, but also in high demand by employers in all industries.

The curriculum for this 8-course online certificate program was developed by the university’s industry advisory council in cooperation with the Florida Education Advisory Committee (FEAC). Coursework includes:

  • Intermediate Accounting I, II and II
  • Accounting Information Systems
  • Auditing
  • Cost Accounting
  • Law for Accountants
  • Individual Federal Taxes

This program is designed to help prepare students to take the national CPA exam and is not intended to meet the professional licensure requirements of any state. Neither taking this program nor sitting for and passing the CPA exam will guarantee licensure in a state. State requirements differ and students must check with their State Board of Accountancy to determine specific requirements in their state before enrolling in this program. APUS has not determined whether this course will meet any particular state’s professional licensure requirements. For further professional licensure information, please see State Requirements listed on the AMU or APU program page.

Certificate Objectives

Upon successful completion of this certificate, the student will be able to:

  • Preparing financial statements in accordance with appropriate standards.

  • Interpreting the business implications of financial statement information.

  • Preparing accounting information for planning and control and for the evaluation of products, projects and divisions.
  • Judging product, project, divisional, and organizational performance using managerial accounting information.
  • Identifying organizational information technology components and risks that can affect financial systems and prescribing appropriate controls.
  • Preparing business and individual tax returns in accordance with regulations of the appropriate authorities.
  • Analyzing transaction data and tax authorities for purposes of tax planning.
  • Designing an audit program to frame the various elements of planning, testing and reporting phases of an audit in the context of the overall audit objective, engagement risk assessment and internal controls.
  • Applying auditing concepts to evaluate the conformity of financial statements with appropriate auditing standards.
  • Analyzing internal controls and interpreting assessment of engagement risk.

Programmatic Admission Requirements

To enroll in this program you must possess the necessary pre-admission courses from a regionally accredited institution. Pre-admission courses must be grade C or better at the undergraduate level.

You will be required to have completed the following courses prior to admission into this program:

You will also be required to submit a signed statement of understanding (SOU).

Please visit our AMU or APU undergraduate admission page for more information on institutional admission requirements.

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Certificate Requirements (24 semester hours)

ACCT301Intermediate Accounting I3
ACCT302Intermediate Accounting II3
ACCT303Intermediate Accounting III3
ACCT305Accounting Information Systems3
ACCT401Cost Accounting3
ACCT415Law for Accountants3
ACCT420Individual Federal Taxes3
Total Semester Hours24