The B.S. in Esports provides students with in-depth knowledge of the esports ecosystem in order to prepare them for a variety of professional responsibilities in the esports and/or related industries. This program will develop students to be critical, reflective thinkers across a variety of topics and areas in esports.  This degree program provides knowledge that can be applied to professional responsibilities in interscholastic or intercollegiate esports coaching, esports front office management, or esports media and communications management. Upon completing this degree program, students will have gained practical skills often required for entry-level esports or related responsibilities and/or advanced esports degree programs.

Degree Program Objectives

In addition to the institutional and degree level learning objectives, graduates of this program are expected to achieve these learning outcomes:

  • Describe the impact of business principles on esports processes.
  • Examine the application of ethical solutions in the esports industry.
  • Apply management concepts associated with the operation of esports events and facilities.
  • Examine the social and historical influences of esports on contemporary society.
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the production of digital content for the esports industry.
  • Implement strategies to support and accelerate the development of esports athletes at all levels.

Degree at a Glance

General Education Requirements30
Major Required27
Select one of the following concentrations:18
Final Program Requirements3
Elective Requirements42
Total Semester Hours120

Degree Program Requirements

General Education Requirements (30 semester hours)

Arts and Humanities (6 semester hours) 1
Select 2 courses from the following:6
Arabic I
Arabic II
Art Appreciation
Survey of Photography
Film and Literature
Image Enhancement using Adobe Photoshop®
French I
French II
German I
German II
Introduction to Japanese
Literature of American Encounters, Revolution, and Rebellion
From Abolition to #MeToo: Literature of the American Civil Rights Movement
Pivotal Figures in Early British Literature
British Literature from Wordsworth through the Wasteland
Leadership in World Literature: Antiquity to the Early Modern Period
Literature of the Newly Globalized World: The Individual’s Struggle to Adapt
Music Appreciation
Jazz and Rock
World Music and Cultures
Introduction to Philosophy
Critical Thinking
Introduction to Ethics
Philosophy of Science
Introduction to Brazilian Portuguese
Introduction to the Study of Religion
Introduction to World Religions
Russian I
Spanish I
Spanish II
Thinking and Acting Ethically
Civics, Political and Social Sciences (6 semester hours) 1
Select 2 courses from the following:6
Introduction to Anthropology
World Archaeology
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
Human Sexuality
Social Media and Society
Intercultural Communication
Humane Education: A Global Interdisciplinary Perspective
Introduction to Geography
Practical Food Safety and Awareness
International Relations I
Forgotten America--Under Represented Cultures in American Literature
Introduction to Political Science
American Government I
Introduction to Psychology
Death and Dying
Race & Religion
Hope and Resilience
Introduction to Sociology
Social Problems
American Popular Culture
Exploring Society and Cultures via Science Fiction
Communication: Writing, Oral, and Multimedia (9 semester hours)
COMM120Information and Digital Literacy3
ENGL110Making Writing Relevant3
Select 1 course from the following:3
Public Speaking
Proficiency in Writing
Argumentation and Rhetoric
Introduction to Literature
Technical Writing
Scientific Writing
Effective Business Communication
Human Relations Communication
Information Literacy and Global Citizenship
Introduction to Information Technology Writing
Human Relations
History (3 semester hours)
Select 1 course from the following:3
American History to 1877
American History since 1877
World Civilization before 1650
World Civilization since 1650
Western Civilization before The Thirty Years War
Western Civilization since The Thirty Years War
African-American History before 1877
African-American History since 1877
History of the American Indian
History of Science
The History and Context of STEM
Mathematics and Applied Reasoning (3 semester hours)
Select 1 course from the following:3
Accounting for Non Accounting Majors
Fundamentals of Programming
College Algebra
College Trigonometry
Introduction to Statistics
Math for Liberal Arts Majors
Natural Sciences (3 semester hours)
Select 1 course from the following:3
Introduction to Biology
Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology
Introduction to Chemistry
Introduction to Meteorology
Introduction to Geology
Introduction to Environmental Science
Introduction to Physics
Introduction to Astronomy
Introduction to STEM Disciplines
Total Semester Hours30

Major Required (27 semester hours)

ESPT101Introduction to Esports3
ESPT201Contemporary Issues in Esports3
ESPT205The Business of Esports3
ESPT210Esports Event and Facility Management3
ESPT310Policy Regulations and the Esports Ecosystem3
ESPT320Esports Player Development3
ESPT340Esports Media and Production3
ESPT498Externship in Esports6
Total Semester Hours27

Students must choose a concentration for this degree program and may select from a Concentration in Esports Business or a Concentration in Esports Coaching and Athlete Development.

Concentration in Esports Business Administration (18 semester hours)

The Esports Business Administration concentration prepares students for the business elements of the esports industry. Students will gain a foundational knowledge of traditional business practices while completing their degree in esports. This is ideal for students interested in a variety of business and management fields in and related to esports.


Upon successful completion of this concentration, the student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate principles related to traditional business and their application to esports.
  • Examine the impact of global business competencies to the esports industry.
  • Develop a strategic plan for an esports business.

Concentration Requirements (18 semester hours)

BUSN310Business Theory3
BUSN320Principles of E Business3
FINC400Principles of Financial Management3
INFO331Management Information Systems3
MGMT310Principles and Theory of Management3
MKTG201Fundamentals of Marketing3
Total Semester Hours18

Concentration in Esports Coaching and Athlete Development (18 semester hours)

The Esports Coaching and Athlete Development concentration will help to prepare students for careers in esports performance and coaching. Students will gain an understanding of coaching methods across games and genres in esports, as well as how to optimize esport athlete performance through training techniques and conditioning practices.


Upon successful completion of this concentration, the student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a holistic understanding of the factors which affect esports athlete development.
  • Assess the effectiveness of various coaching, player development, and training methodologies.
  • Construct and execute effective performance plans for esports athletes and teams.

Concentration Requirements (18 semester hours)

PBHE209Wellness: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention3
SPHE315Training and Conditioning3
SPHE318Coaching Theory and Methodology3
SPHE423Advanced Strength and Conditioning3
SPHE417Leadership Concepts in Coaching3
SPHE460Business Aspects of Fitness and Wellness3
Total Semester Hours18

Final Program Requirements (3 semester hours)

ESPT499Seminar in Esports3
Total Semester Hours3

Elective Requirements (42 semester hours)

Select any courses not already taken to fulfill the requirements listed above. Credits applied toward a minor or certificate in an unrelated field may be used to fulfill elective credit for the major.42
Total Semester Hours42