You can only retake a course if you received a failing grade “F” and if the exact same course is still offered at APUS.

You are not able to retake a course in which you received an A-D grade in order to raise your GPA or if APUS no longer offers that same course.

Retaking a Failed Course

APUS now allows you one opportunity to retake a failed course and have your original failed grade forgiven from your GPA. The original failing grade will show as “R” on your transcript, and the previous failing grade will be removed from your GPA as long as you complete the course retake. However, you will still see your original failing grade on your personal online academic plan and on your individual online grade reports.

Prior to August 2008

  • If the course start date for your retaken course was prior to August 1, 2008, the retake does not impact the original failing grade. Both failing grades will be displayed on the transcript and both will be incorporated into the GPA.

August 2008 to April 2014

  • If the course start for your retaken course was on or after August 1, 2008, the retake removes the impact of the original failing grade on your GPA.

On or After April 2014

  • As of courses starting in April 2014, you will only be allowed one retake of each failed course. All failed attempts of the course prior to April 2014 will count as one failure, so as of April 2014, you will still have one attempt available to pass any previously failed course.

Important to Know                                                                       

  • The course retake policy only applies if the exact same course that you previously failed is still offered.

  • This policy does not apply to comprehensive exam or capstone/thesis/practicum courses. Please see the Student Handbook for the retake policy on these course types.

  • Original failing grades of retaken courses will still be used to calculate SAP (satisfactory academic progress) for financial aid and for the percentage of course credit attempted vs course credit earned for graduation eligibility.

  • The retake policy does not apply to courses that you took in programs that you have already completed. For example, if you failed a course in your associate program, and have already had that degree conferred, you cannot have the original failing grade forgiven in your GPA by retaking it now in your bachelor’s program.

  • The Army (GAE) does not follow AMU’s course retake policy when it is calculating your overall GAE GPA for TA eligibility. The Army’s GPA is independent of a GPA with a soldier's home college. It is calculated by averaging the grades for each completed course in the soldier's Army education records.                                                   

  • Undergraduate Only: If you previously took a split science lecture/lab course combination, and failed one of the component courses, you will not be able to retake this science combination. You will need to take a different science course selection to fulfill your general education science requirement. If the specific course you failed is a required course in your program, please contact your academic advisor to help you with this process.

Undergraduate Non-Degree Seeking Students (Courses for Transfer)

If you are enrolled as a non-degree-seeking student and receive a grade of C- or below on a course that you intend to transfer to another institution, you may retake the course to meet the other institution's transfer policies. The duplicative credit for this course, however, cannot be applied toward a future APUS degree or certificate program.

Questions regarding retaking courses may be directed to