WEBD241 Web Development Using JavaScript (3 semester hours)

This course expands on the topics that were introduced in Web Development Fundamentals (WEBD121). This course introduces the student to fundamental JavaScript programming concepts such as variables and data, functions, controlling program flow (branching and iterating), the JavaScript object model (window, document, image, history, location, and navigator objects), and JavaScript language objects (String, Array, Date, and Math objects). This course also addresses the development of interactive forms with JavaScript, cookies and JavaScript security, controlling frames with JavaScript, and custom JavaScript objects. Students must have access to Internet Explorer 7 (or higher) or FireFox 39.0 (or higher) software. This course covers the CIW JavaScript Specialist curriculum of the CIW JavaScript Specialist certification. This software is not provided by the course material grant and must be purchased/provided by the student. (Prerequisite: WEBD121)