SSGS696 Master's Project Capstone Seminar (3 semester hours)

The School of Security and Global Studies Masters Project Capstone course gives students the opportunity to address issues of public importance that are directly or closely related to their own career, occupation, profession or current position. Creative projects as program capstones may derive from a wide variety of organizationally defined formats such as legislative proposals (local, state or federal), amicus briefs, standard operating procedures, training program manual, procedure manuals, organizational change proposals, communication plans, or recruitment plans to name but a few. The format will be proposed by the student and approved by the instructor. The creative project must demonstrate originality and will follow the style requirements set by the student's academic discipline. For example, a criminal justice student would present work in accordance with the current American Psychological Association (APA) Publication Manual. NOTE: It is mandatory for students to contact their Academic Advising team when they are 2 or 3 courses out from the capstone. Guidance on the format of the research study proposal and a sample proposal are contained in the APUS Research Study Manual. NOTE: This course may not be taken until all other courses are COMPLETED. THIS COURSE IS 16 WEEKS.