SPST200 Introduction to Space Studies (3 semester hours)

This course is designed to introduce the student to a variety of subjects, which together comprise the overall field of space studies. This includes the space environment, astrodynamics, launch vehicles, spacecraft, space operations, commerce, space law, policy, telecommunications, space navigations, remote sensing, space resources, astronomy, and space life sciences. All of these topics will be addressed with a very broad brush, as the student will study them more in-depth during later courses in the aerospace studies degree program. Instruction is primarily through readings (both textbook and online), along with weekly classroom discussions. As the first space studies course in the AS and BS degree in Space Studies program, this course also focuses on research and writing methods appropriate to space studies. The web readings listed under "Web Resources" will discuss critical elements of research, writing, style and formatting. The Turabian style (also known as the Chicago style) is required for all courses in this program. The course will introduce the student to a variety of research sources that will be useful in future space studies courses. (Prerequisite: MATH111)