SPMT605 Coaching Leadership (3 semester hours)

Students in this course will learn what it takes to be a successful leader in the coaching profession. Leadership involves one or more people influencing others in effort to achieve a common goal; coaching leadership focuses on the playing arena. Students will learn strategies to effectively communicate with their players, fellow coaches, parents, administrators and other constituents who impact their program. Coaches need to be able to think on their feet, make decisions under stressful situations, while always keeping the needs of their players and team foremost in their mind. Motivation, management and creative problem solving are critical to successful coaching leadership. Students will compare and contrast how some of the most successful coaches in the business have created their formulas for success; looking at common themes of successful coaches while also learning the importance of incorporating one’s own personality into the process. Students will create a coaching manual that can become their personal coaching bible starting with their coaching philosophy and culminating with their goals and strategies.