SCIN400 Research Methods in Natural Sciences (3 semester hours)

Research Methods for Natural Sciences is a course that focuses on providing the student the essential elements of scientific research and matters associated with the scientific method, experimental and non-experimental research design, and statistical data analyses. Students will familiarize with the current methodologies, tools, and instruments of modern research, such as: sampling, test design, data collection reporting, and the scientific writing process. In addition, they will develop a proposal to conduct an original research project within the field of Natural Sciences. This proposal is then used as the basis for the student to conduct an independent research project in SCIN499. Do not attempt this course until you have completed all Natural Sciences major required courses and all required courses in the Biology or Earth Science concentration. Contact Academic Advising for information and registration instructions. (Biology Concentration Prerequisites: BIOL240, BIOL241, BIOL342, EVSP416, and SCIN211. Earth Science Concentration Prerequisite: ERSC204, ERSC206, ERSC305, GEOG200, SCIN138, and SCIN261)

Bachelor of Science in Natural Sciences


...Program Requirements (6 semester hours) 1 Prerequisite: SCIN400 - Research Methods in Natural Sciences and senior...