RLMT307 Food and Beverage Reverse Logistics (3 semester hours)

This course provides students with a systems-centric view to explore what is seen as today’s best practices in reverse logistics applications to the food production and distribution industry as well as the beverage industry. The student will study new container and packaging designs, such as the TEDSBOX, to help eliminate the spoilage factor of food and beverage movement in a reverse logistics operation. The issue of food and beverage is complex with many solutions from retail grocery giants. How to process returned food and beverage items will be explored and options discussed. Field survey of a grocery store or commissary near the student will be encouraged in order to obtain the unique language used in each type of retail store. Recycled food and beverage items will be examined in order to reprocess basic ingredients, such as sugar, to be resold in the marketplace next to virgin sugar. This course is intended for students and professionals working in manufacturing and retail reverse logistic who are concerned with returns and unsalable products.