RELS270 Hope and Resilience (3 semester hours)

Difficult situations in life motivate us to think carefully about religion. The forms of religions are based on the well-being of human beings, and they have provided many different ways to follow paths that are good for our mental and physical health. This course will deal with essential questions; do religions offer ways and techniques to support that are good for our well-being? What paths have been provided to lead a good life? How our hope, contemplation, and resilience are rooted in popular religions? What are the methods advised by religions to help practitioners? The course will include traditions that are isolated to a specific culture. However, they have their historical, cultural, and social context, in which they have been beneficial to the practitioners of these cultures. On American soil, they are coming together as a melting pot, and this course will look into how their beneficial value can be used to manage current stresses. This course will look into beneficial teachings from different religions that are becoming mainstream and are practiced in a non-traditional way without converting to a specific religion. The course will cover Christian traditions, Sufi traditions, traditions from People of First Nation, Hindu, and Buddhist traditions. Ways to Stop and reflect and achieve tranquility. Not as a way of worship rather a way of living one’s life with equanimity and hope.