PSYC431 Psychology of Disaster (3 semester hours)

This course focuses on the psychological and physiological human response to natural and man-made disasters. Using clinical research and case histories, students will examine normal and abnormal psychological reactions, the recovery process and principles of mental health care for victims of mass disasters. Differences between natural and man-made disasters are examined and factors that mitigate post-traumatic effects are reviewed. Psychological aspects of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) disasters are also considered.

Bachelor of Arts in Emergency and Disaster Management - Momentum


...Operations in Emergency Medical Services PBHE426 - Quarantine PSYC431 - Psychology of Disaster Total = 122 semester hours

Bachelor of Science in Fire Science Management - Momentum


...Policy, and Law HRMT407 - Human Resource Management PSYC431 - Psychology of Disaster FSMT475 - Applications of Fire...