MILH480 Special Topic: Military History (3 semester hours)

This course is a one-time offering on an area of special interest and may be applied to fulfill major course requirements or electives. A student may appeal to take this course twice, if the subject matter is different enough to merit separate credit. WINTER 2016 SPECIAL TOPIC - MEDAL OF HONOR: Students will learn about the story behind the Medal of Honor and the significance of the design of the Medal. Students will also learn how Confederates were honored with a Roll of Honor. They will learn that the Medal of Honor Legion was founded in 1890 to protect the Medal from abuse. They will learn that 911 Medals of Honor were revoked in 1917 after all the Medals to date were reviewed, including those of the only woman and the 27th Maine, and will learn if any of these Medals were restored later. They will also learn about modern Medal of Honor recipients.Summer I 2020 TopicChina’s military tradition stretches back to the 22nd century BCE, and includes some of the most famous works on military history. Through the examination of current scholarship and translated texts, this course will explore pertinent questions such as: How viable is the dynastic cycle in understanding Chinese history? What were the major military theories that guided leaders? Is there a distinctive “oriental” or nonwestern way of war? How did the military interact with society, particularly with Confucian historians? How did China react to the West and Western technology? What role did technology and technological change take in the development of Chinese military practices? What are the potential threats, and strategy of a modern Chinese military?.