MATH226 Calculus II (3 semester hours)

This is the second course of a three part Calculus sequence. It is designed to extend the concepts learned in Calculus I to the concepts and techniques of integral calculus. Topics include the basics of integration (anti-derivatives, substitution, and the Fundamental Theorem), applications of integration (motion, area), L’Hopital’s Rule (indeterminate quotients, indeterminate forms), elementary function inverses (inverse functions, Calculus of inverses, trigonometry function inverses, Calculus of these inverses), techniques of integration (tables, powers of Sine and Cosine, other Trigonometric powers, by parts, trigonometric substitution, and numerical analysis), improper integrals, integral applications (average value, volumes by cross-sections, disk & washers, shells, arc lengths, and work). (Prerequisite: MATH225)