MATH125 Math for Liberal Arts Majors (3 semester hours)

THIS COURSE DOES NOT FULFILL MATH PREREQUISITE REQUIREMENTS IN SCIENCE PROGRAMS. STUDENTS IN AS OR BS PROGRAMS OR IN PROGRAMS THAT REQUIRE MATH302 SHOULD TAKE MATH110 OR HIGHER AS THEIR MATH GEN ED UNLESS CLEARED WITH ACADEMIC ADVISOR FIRST.This course examines various mathematical concepts and problem solving techniques and provides mathematical functional literacy for those majoring in non-technical subject areas such as intelligence, military history, economics, and management. Students will learn how to solve a wide variety of problems from such areas as: mathematical thinking; logic; number theory and real numbers; introduction to algebraic equations, inequalities, and problem solving; functions and graphs; geometry; mathematical systems and matrices; sophisticated counting techniques; consumer math; and an introduction to probability and statistics. This course is principally a problem-solving course where students learn how to solve a wide variety of mathematical problems, rather than a conceptual course where problem solving is not emphasized.