MATH111 College Trigonometry (3 semester hours)

This is a course in college trigonometry. It synthesizes topics from college algebra courses such as MATH110, extends the students' studies to trigonometry, and introduces topics in analytical geometry. It covers a variety of mathematical concepts and techniques that are important to those continuing into more advanced math and math-related classes. Practical applications are provided throughout the course. The course concentrates on various trigonometric functions, identities, and equations as well as the application of trigonometry to real-life situations. The final part of the course includes polar coordinates and vectors. While there are no prerequisites for MATH111, it is very highly recommended that the student has completed MATH110 College Algebra or an equivalent college-level course. The course assumes the student is completely comfortable with the language of algebra, equations and inequalities, polynomials, factoring, and rational expressions. If a lower-level math course has not been completed recently, we recommend that students take MATH100, MATH101, or MATH110. This class is recommended only for students with prior math experience and who have an adequate amount of time to pursue a highly accelerated course of study in eight weeks.