LITR231 Leadership in World Literature: Antiquity to the Early Modern Period (3 semester hours)

Have you ever wondered what the mummified remains in royal Egyptian tombs once thought about love? Or about the feats of heroism on board ancient shipwrecks now preserved at the bottom of the sea? What does the theater of Dionysus tell us about the first democracy? We will read in translation from an array of cultures and authors from the Ancient World to the Early Modern period to try to answer these and other questions. Representative selections are drawn from Classical Greece, Asia, the Middle East, Western Europe, Africa, and Native America. Drawing from the major genres of epic poetry, drama, lyric verse, religious texts, and prose fiction, we will explore ideas regarding leadership, conflict, heroism, friendship, love, politics, and religion that still impact us today. We will consider what “world” literature means and why the struggles, concerns, and lives of those long dead are still important today and for our futures. (Pre-requisite: ENGL210 for English majors or ENGL110 for non-English majors)