LITR218 From Abolition to #MeToo: Literature of the American Civil Rights Movement (3 semester hours)

True to its revolutionary roots, America is not just the birthplace of democracy but it is also home to the major civil rights movements of the modern era. This course is a survey of American literature related to the major civil rights movements of the last 150 years, including Abolition (Pre-1865), the Suffragettes (1860-1920), Civil Rights (1920-Present), Women’s Rights (1920-present), and GLBT Liberation/ACT UP (1960-Present). LITR218 will take students on a journey through the social, political, and cultural changes that shape modern America and ask students to contemplate the connections between literature, politics, social change, and the American identity. (Pre-requisite: ENGL210 for English majors, or ENGL101 or ENGL110 for non-English majors)