LITR215 Literature of American Encounters, Revolution, and Rebellion (3 semester hours)

How does a young country develop a literature of its own? From explorers to frontiersmen, follow the search for freedom and new lands through early American literature, guided by the adventuresome spirit reflected in works from the Colonies to the advent of the Civil War. How do we rationalize reports from explorers and early settlers on indigenous populations? What impact did religion have on early colonial writing and why did the focus shift to reason? How did American writing reflect and shape thought about rebellion and war? How did American women carve out space for themselves as writers of merit? This course explores these questions and more through the writing of American history and the American character, deepening our understanding of a literature that came to be defined by courage, passion, idealism, and—yes—even objection and protest. (Pre-requisite: ENGL210 for English majors, or ENGL101 or ENGL110 for non-English majors)