LITR212 Forgotten America--Under Represented Cultures in American Literature (3 semester hours)

Literature has the ability to shape the way a nation thinks and behaves; it both responds to important issues in society and (re)shapes them. For far too long, the literature of cultures on the periphery of American society have been ignored because they do not fit comfortably into mainstream culture. Yet, from voices within the Native American population to Appalachian artists to LGBTQ groups, for example, cultures on the periphery have consistently helped shape the American literary identity and have continued to influence American society long after the publication of their works. This course lends credence to the legitimacy of the contributions of these underrepresented cultures and explores the role they have in shaping American literature—past, present, and future. (Pre-requisite: ENGL210 for English majors, or ENGL101 or ENGL110 for non-English majors)