ITCC200 Application Software Integration (3 semester hours)

In this course, students will explore the principles, practices, features, and functions of software in the Microsoft Office® Suite. The course will be taught through a mixture of analytical methods and practical exercises. Students will use Microsoft Word®, Excel®, Outlook®, Access®, and PowerPoint® to format and design documents, databases, and spreadsheets. Students will also design and publish advertising and marketing documents according to hypothetical and real-world scenarios. Through this course, students may acquire a more comprehensive understanding of commonly used applications and how they can be integrated with one another. Students may access the free Microsoft Office 365® suite via their MyCampus account. This software suite is available to students using both Apple® and Microsoft Windows® computers. Microsoft Word®, Microsoft Excel®, Microsoft Outlook®, Microsoft Access®, Microsoft PowerPoint®, Microsoft Office 365®, and Microsoft Windows® are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.Apple® is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.