ISSC650 Advanced Digital Forensics (3 semester hours)

This course is an advanced study of the models of investigative methods for finding evidence in a wide scope of disparate digital devices such as computers, laptops, netbooks, networks, mobile devices – phones, notepads, PDAs, digital audio and video players, and any device or appliance that carries an electronic circuit board which could potentially store data or information. It also examines the science, the evidence, and the law related to digital forensics, the validation of findings, and determination of acceptable and irrefutable evidence in a court of law. It also evaluates various digital forensics models for data identification, preservation, collection, examination, analysis, preparation, and presentation. ( Prerequisite: ISSC621 )

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...Analysis ISSC642 Intrusion Detection and Incident Handling ISSC650 Advanced Digital Forensics Total semester hours = 9...