HRMT602 Employment Law and Labor Relations (3 semester hours)

This course is a conceptual and functional analysis of the legal framework and principles of employment law. Issues are addressed from a managerial perspective so that students have an opportunity to develop their business decision-making skills, (via employment law scenarios), as they relate to the evaluation of legal ramifications affecting a variety of workplace situations. Topics include the agency-employment relationship; discrimination under Civil Rights Act Title VII and other federal laws based on race/color, gender, age, national origin, religion, pregnancy, and sexual orientation; diversity, affirmative action, and bona fide occupational qualifications; employer negligence in hiring; criminal checks and credit screenings; physical fitness, ethics, and personality tests for employment purposes; vicarious liability, sexual harassment, and workplace violence; challenges with organized labor/unions under the National Labor Relations Act; working standards including pay, hours, age requirements, etc. set by the Fair Labor Standards Act and state equivalents; and challenges arising from the Family and Medical Leave Act.