HLSS230 Chemistry of Explosives (3 semester hours)

This course offers explosive handlers, bomb disposal technicians and responders an introduction to the chemical make-up and associated hazards of explosive substances. The combination of challenging reference sources and instructional interchange immerses the student in the world of explosive compounds including the research and development behind many explosive compounds widely used throughout the world today. This combination of reference materials, website research and group-related projects, allows the new explosive handler to learn the scientific basis for the long lists of safety precautions involved when handling explosives. Topics include, but are not limited to, history of explosives; basic chemical composition of explosives; and, safety precautions and guidelines when approaching or handling explosives. It will also cover researching information sites and references for material ranging from basic safety precautions of explosives to the resources available for emergency handlers and responders. The course helps students understand the hazards associated with common explosive materials.